Wayist Yoga

The Path is Wayism, which is the original Way of Jesus. Jesus was not a Christian. Christianity is a reformation of Judaism–roughly based on the teachings of Jesus.

Path of Joy

I’m a Wayist Daoist, but my children are raised simply as Wayists. This is the Path of Humility, Simplicity and Compassion.

Existential Spirituality

Jesus sent his disciple Thomas from Judea to Kashmir to start a spiritual community to receive westerners who became Wayists and wanted to escape the religious strife and materialism of the Roman Empire.Church of the East started there, in the Himalayas.

yoga — means to be yoked to the divine path

Practice wayist yoga and find your inner peace

Daily practice of Karman Active Meditation as a soul maintenance regime changes RNA/DNA and makes you anew from within.

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Learn TO BE.

The teaching of Jesus is something totally different than what you see in Christianity.

Jesus’ Wayism is pure spirituality of the essence of the soul.

Humility, Simplicity & Compassion

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